Monday, January 16, 2012

Internet Marketing to Make Money

Internet Marketing to Make Money 

There are a lot of different ways that modernity has changed the way people make money on the internet, and the latest options that people can look into for the greater good of their wallet, is found online more often then not. Even though many people are losing their jobs, and many are having a hard time finding options that will assist them with making some serious income, there are still those that haven't given up on the path to riches, through Internet marketing. That's right, the marketing world is no longer something that requires a college degree or a lot of experience, anyone can jump into the online fray and make serious money, without having to learn any programming, or become a technology wizard.
Marketing endeavors usually start out simple, and then start to get more complicated as time passes, but things have been changing in recent years. Many people have seen a new way to promote products and sell through inventory that is not even theirs. No, we are not talking about drop shipping, or anything like that. We are talking about affiliate marketing, Internet promotions, and social networking. Those options are the way that some people are turning the recession around and making serious strides to becoming their own boss.
If you've dreamed about leaving your 9 to 5 world or you're just tired of looking through the classified sections of newspapers, it's time to consider making money with an Internet connection. There are some that don't have internet access in their home, and if you're one of the millions that don't have access, then it's important to look into finding resources that will help get you on the web.
For those that aren't aware of the many different options that abound in regards to free Internet access, it abounds in coffee shops, restaurants, and even bookstores. If you don't have access to those locations, you can always visit your local library and get online for a short amount of time.
There are many different points where Internet marketing can create wealth opportunities, and it starts from day one. Sure, on the first day of your venture forward, you will not see thousands of dollars, but you will be starting on something that most others don't know about, giving you the freedom o do whatever you want in life, and be your own boss. Remember, journeys start with a few steps, and making money on the web requires a little bit of start up.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Top 10 Distinctions Between Millionaires and the Middle Class


The Top 10 Distinctions Between Millionaires and the Middle Class

If you’re ready to take the journey to wealth and personal fulfillment, here’s your ticket. In this life-changing little book, entrepreneur and inspirational speaker Keith Cameron Smith shows you how to think like a millionaire and reap the benefits of a millionaire mindset. The key to moving beyond the middle class and up the economic ladder is mastering ten vital principles, including

• Millionaires think long-term. The middle class thinks short-term. Create a clear vision of the life you desire, and focus on it.
• Millionaires talk about ideas. The middle class talks about things and other people. Ask some positive “what if” questions every day, and bounce ideas off successful people who will be honest with you.
• Millionaires work for profits. The middle class works for wages. Take calculated risks and learn to take advantage of good opportunities.

We all want to improve our financial position. In this inspirational and practical guide filled with savvy and sensible advice, Smith upgrades you from coach to first class. So follow these principles, transform your life, and realize your dreams

Sunday, January 8, 2012

harv eker millionaire mind

harv eker millionaire mind

Secret of the Millionaire Mind is a USA today and New York times belling book written by T Harv Eker.
This has become a phenomenon and its one of the most popular books on the planet, translated into 36 different languages with millions of copies sold world wide.
T Harv Eker the author of the book is one of those people who believe that circumstances don't just happen to us he believe that we can create the circumstances we want and he is not just talking up a bunch of hot air either harv went from flat broke living in a basement to a multi-millionaire after he discover the same principles that he now teaches in his book and seminars.

Let's take a look:
The book took no corners it just got straight to the point by clarifying a lot of miss conceptions that as held back a lot of people in their lives, harv lay a firm foundation and teach some financial principles not widely known by the general public.
If you really want to change your life and experience real practical growth and wealth, 'Secrets of the

Millionaire Mind' is a must read.
harv lists in the book 17 ways in which rich peoples financial blueprints is different from those of the poor and the middle-class and these are the keys that allow rich people to stay above the curb not because they are better than poor and middle class people but because they set their financial blue print to win.

The list has a lot of key core principles that you have to really read the book to learn how to implement them in your life and reset your financial thermostat, there are scores of people world wide that say Secret of the Millionaire Mind has change there lives and they have the evidence to show for it too.

In the book you will see Harv make mention of his sold-out seminar, The Millionaire Mind Intensive, which is a 3-day weekend program designed to allow people to reset their financial thermostat.

If you attended one of these programs you will walk out of there a changed person. Its the same thing that takes place when you read the book, You will be completely transformed the very moment you start grasping the truths and principles contain in every page you will immediately have a profound way of looking at every thing and finally as every thing becomes a lot clearer you immediately know what steps to take to make the necessary adjustments base on the step by step instructional.

This is one of the best book I have read along with 'Think and Grow Rich' by Napoleon Hill Harv has helped thousands of people to get over their bad ideas and bad habits about money with his book and training courses it certainly help me too.

this book is not just another book on how to get rich, it as in every page practical easy to follow principles that helps people to eliminate self defeating thoughts like harv say in the book "no thoughts should live in your head rent free". its also give you a clear picture of how riches people think and stay a head of the curb at all times with insightful lessons like these success is inevitable for those who practice them.

After you get started reading Secrets of the Millionaire Mind you will immediately realize that success is replicable, that is why harv teaches that rich and successful people follow the model of other rich and successful people this in it self is one of the core principle that harv shows you in his book and he lays out a step by step formula which is practical and proven by the thousands of people that as incorporate them in their lives.

I really enjoyed Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T. Harv. Eker because its not just focused becoming rich its main focus is how to grow and become a better person and as a result of that growth every other area in your life will bare the fruits overall this book is a must have that you need in your arsenal of powerful resource once you pick it up your not going to want to put it down believe me I know.
Get your copy of the book and start optimizing your financial future today!

The Millionaire Fastlane

The Millionaire Fastlane

Is the financial plan of mediocrity -- a dream-stealing, soul-sucking dogma known as "The Slowlane" your plan for creating wealth? You know how it goes; it sounds a lil something like this:
"Go to school, get a good job, save 10% of your paycheck, buy a used car, cancel the movie channels, quit drinking expensive Starbucks mocha lattes, save and penny-pinch your life away, trust your life-savings to the stock market, and one day, when you are oh, say, 65 years old, you can retire rich."
The mainstream financial gurus have sold you blindly down the river to a great financial gamble: You've been hoodwinked to believe that wealth can be created by recklessly trusting in the uncontrollable and unpredictable markets: the housing market, the stock market, and the job market. This impotent financial gamble dubiously promises wealth in a wheelchair -- sacrifice your adult life for a financial plan that reaps dividends in the twilight of life. Accept the Slowlane as your blueprint for wealth and your financial future will blow carelessly asunder on a sailboat of HOPE: HOPE you can find a job and keep it, HOPE the stock market doesn't tank, HOPE the economy rebounds, HOPE, HOPE, and HOPE. Do you really want HOPE to be the centerpiece for your family's financial plan?
Drive the Slowlane road and you will find your life deteriorate into a miserable exhibition about what you cannot do, versus what you can. For those who don't want a lifetime subscription to "settle-for-less" and a slight chance of elderly riches, there is an alternative; an expressway to extraordinary wealth that can burn a trail to financial independence faster than any road out there.
  • Why jobs, 401(k)s, mutual funds, and 40-years of mindless frugality will never make you rich young.
  • Why most entrepreneurs fail and how to immediately put the odds in your favor.
  • The real law of wealth: Leverage this and wealth has no choice but to be magnetized to you.
  • The leading cause of poorness: Change this and you change everything.
  • How the rich really get rich - and no, it has nothing to do with a paycheck or a 401K match.
  • Why the guru's grand deity - compound interest - is an impotent wealth accelerator.
  • Why the guru myth of "do what you love" will most likely keep you poor, not rich.
  • And 250+ more poverty busting distinctions...
Demand the Fastlane, an alternative road-to-wealth; one that actually ignites dreams and creates millionaires young, not old. Change lanes and find your explosive wealth accelerator. Hit the Fastlane, crack the code to wealth, and find out how to live rich for a lifetime.

Discover The Millionaire Next Door

Discover The Millionaire Next Door

When it comes to wealth some of the biggest misconceptions are that rich people live in big houses, rich people drive fancy cars, rich people take expensive vacations and rich people buy all the best things. In many cases this could not be further from the truth. The fact is that some interesting studies have been done on this topic and point to the exact opposite of the usual assumptions. In the best selling book "the millionaire next door" authors Thomas Stanley and William Danko detail some interesting studies and research they did in preparation for their book.
One of the major points The Millionaire Next Door carrys home is that millionaires do not get rich by spending their money on frivelous purchases. Millionaires get there firstly by consistently saving and then wisely reinvesting 10% to 20% of their income and secondly by absolutely minimizing expenses and staying out of debt. Debt is one of the biggest killers to the promise of financial success, a wise man once said "he that goes a borrowin goes a sorrowin". The fact is that average middle class Americans and Canadians are living beyond their means spending more money than they have and at the end of the day saving little if anything. I know this probably isnt anything new to you, you have probably heard people tell you the same thing many times throughout your life. You need to be reminded!
In our ultra materialistic consumer society its usually the people buying things that get all the attention. The people buying big houses, nice cars or anything else that costs money. Remember there is no such thing as "having more money than you can spend". Certainly there are ultra rich people, people making tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars per year, but even many of these people had to be frugal at one point or another in their lives.
In the United States 80% of all the millionaires are first generation, that means they became millionaires under their own steam. Although almost all of these self made millionaires can be found to be extremely proficient with saving and investing (they couldnt get rich otherwise). They are also generally very enterprising, able to target and exploit income or business opportunities efficiently and effectively. To put it succinctly; self made millionaires are very good at managing their money for maximum return and they are very good at managing their time for maximum results. The simple formula: Work Smart -> Save -> Invest.
Reading the millionaire next door I was suprised to learn that one out of every fifteen households in the USA are millionaire households and the other 14 are no where near that level. Whats even more fascinating is that in the authors research for their book they discovered that many of the people living in rich neighbourhoods are actually not so rich. Mortgaged to the max and debt coming out their ears, they choose fleeting material posessions and flash over security. Conversly as I learned in Millionaire Next Door, many of the richest people in North America live in modest homes, drive volvos or focuses and wear jeans. Smart, simple and cautious.
To be successful you need to be forward thinking and you need to be patient. Dont take the attitude of "whats the point in having it if I cant spend it"- be wiser. Despite all the apparent uncertainty in the world today: war, disease, famine, terrorism, the lesson to be learned is that we as a society move forward, the world will still be here tomorrow. Realize and take seriously the fact that you will very likely live well into your golden years and that 95% of retirees retire into poverty. The direction that things are going economically in western countries there may not be very much social security by the time someone in there 20s today reaches retirement age. In the twenty first century and beyond the government will not be the one to take care of you only 'you' can take care of you.
Realize these facts and make the decision to put security and freedom 'tomorrow' ahead of luxury and pleasure 'today'. I can guarantee you will be far more miserable with the later. Remember: work smart and hard, save 10% to 20% of your income, avoid debt and invest your money for tomorrow. If you follow this simple strategy on even a modest level of income you will be rich in 30 or 40 years, just ask any banker.

Friday, January 6, 2012

The Best Investors Of All Time

John Templeton

John Templeton was not only a great investor buy a big time philanthropist as well. He built a billion dollar empire by being one of the first investors to promote diversified mutual funds. Templeton had a knack for being able to select the right stock at the right time. Money magazine named him the greatest stock picker of the past century. His company Franklin Templeton investments still stands today with its wide array of diversified mutual funds.

Carlos Slim

Carlos Slim has surpassed Bill Gates as the richest man in the world with a net worth of nearly $54 billion dollars. Slim has built much of his fortune through shrewd investments in Latin American companies. The bulk of Slim's fortune consists of Mexican telecommunication companies including America Movil SAB. Slim had the foresight to invest heavily in mobile communications in Latin America when few investors were doing so.

Whitney Tilson

Whitney Tilson is the epitome of a value investor. Tilson has made a lot of money for himself and his clients by buying distressed companies selling at extremely low valuations. Over the past two years Tilson has made great calls on BP, General Growth Properties, and Wells Fargo. He gobbled up these companies at bargain prices and has made a sizeable profit for his investors.

Charlie Munger

Most people only know Charlie Munger as Warren Buffett's sidekick. Before Munger joined with Buffett, he ran a very successful investment partnership firm himself that outperformed the Dow by 400%. Munger is also the brains behind Berkshire Hathaway's Wesco Financial subsidiary. His investment philosophy differs somewhat from Buffett's in that he has been known to invest heavily in his best ideas. He may place 30 or 40% of his portfolio in one single investment.

Benjamin Graham

Benjamin Graham is a great example for all of the beginners investing. Graham started his investing career on Wall Street at the age of 20 and was made a partner in a Wall Street firm at the age of 25. He started the Graham Newman partnership at the age of 32 and generated a 17% annual return over the next 30 years. Graham is considered one of the fathers of value investing and one of the pioneers of fundamental analysis. His books, The Intelligent Investor and Security Analysis remain investing classics to this day.

Sell eBooks Online To Make Money

Sell eBooks Online To Make Money

You can sell you eBooks online to make money. Obviously, you have to be somewhat creative to do this. Most people have considered writing a book at some time or other. If you can express yourself well, writing a book isn't that difficult. However, finding a book publishing company or a literary agent can be very difficult. It takes a lot of energy, time, hard work, and you will still face rejection. However, these days, there is an easy way to publish your book and make some money while doing so. Many people are already selling their eBooks online and making money from it. These people have made it easier for other people to do the same thing. It seems that all things are possible on the Internet. There are numerous talented writers who never get discovered. The conventional way of getting a book published is very difficult and requires large sacrifices. Because these hardships were too difficult to overcome, many talented writers have never been discovered. However, anybody can make money selling eBooks online. Everybody including couples, singles, students, professionals, fathers and mothers have something to share about their experiences that can encourage or uplift. This is a wonderful opportunity for readers from all over the world to have numerous options for reading eBooks from authors who are making money selling their eBooks online. Readers no longer have to depend on what a conventional publishing company provides as a good book. An eBook is similar to any other book except it doesn't have a cover. Rather than being bought in a book store, eBooks are purchased and downloaded from the Internet. There are several different strategies that should be considered and many different ways to sell eBooks to make money. One way is find an existing website or business that provides services to e writers. These services might include forwarding materials that are bought, accepting payments electronically, and marketing the eBooks. Since marketing on the Internet has become some complex and large, it is probably a good idea to use an agency that promotes many different authors online and work with them by paying this agency commissions for every eBook that is sold. In addition, anybody can post a website and offer their personal journals, poetry, fiction or articles for sale. The writes that decide to do this will have to find a way to accept online payments and then provide the eBook after it has been sold. If you elect to sell your eBooks and make money this way, you will have to do a considerable amount of research to determine how to market your website, and how to handle the payment. Prior to getting into this business, it is also a good idea for you to research the different options and learn how the whole process works. You should also speak to one of the many online authors who are making money selling online eBooks to learn anything that they have to share. You could also set up your own website to not only make money selling your eBooks but also sell the eBooks that others write and charge them a commission. In addition, buying the rights from proven writers might provide you with the ability to sell eBooks in any format, including email campaigns or online auction websites. These eBooks don't have to be works of fiction or inspirational pieces. There is also a large market for tutorials and training manuals. By keeping an open mind you can find a way to sell eBooks inline to make money.